Infinity LightsI love entertaining, but get sick of buying party decorations for each event. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting the place all fixed up, but standard party decorations look so cheesy, plus I hate spending money on things that I end up throwing away.

Then I went to a party where there were these amazing geometric lights in fantastic glowing colors. I asked my friend what they were and she said they were “Infinity Lights.” She and the kids made them one afternoon. I ordered a few kits and went to town making lights for our Superbowl party. The lights were in the team colors and I got so many compliments!

After the party, my kids took the lights and put them in their rooms. They love the glowing colors. Honestly, these are some of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while!

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How Infinity Lights Work

Infinity Lights come in a kit of pre-cut polypropylene pieces that you can put together to form 15 different geometric shapes (instructions included). Insert a light bulb into the Infinity Light, and you have an amazing lamp that you can hang on a ceiling, attach to the top of a floor lamp or place on a table or shelf.

The Infinity Light comes in 8 different colors plus a “rainbow” kit that includes several different shades. Choose the colors you like to compliment your decor, represent a team or a school, or choose all white Infinity Lights for weddings or other special occasions.

infinity lights colors

There are tons of possibilities with these things, so just be creative and have fun with it :)

They are also weather resistant, so you can hang them outside and not have to worry about the rain or cold damaging them.

Here is the commercial if you haven’t seen it yet. I recommend checking it out to see everything you can make with the Infinity Lights:

Pros and Cons

Like anything you buy, Infinity Lights have their pros and cons. Here are a few to consider:


  • Express your creativity by designing your own lights.
  • Customizable design allows you to create the look you want for parties and events.
  • No more cookie-cutter decorations for your party: Customize each light for a totally unique look!
  • Takes five minutes to assemble an Infinity Light.
  • Polypropylene material is weather resistant.
  • Not a DIY person? Don’t worry, you can order your Infinity Light pre-assembled!


  • The multicolor LED bulb that comes as a bonus when you buy online works best with the white kit.
  • While there is a “Rainbow” kit, if you want the most control, you have to buy kits in different colors.

Where to Buy Infinity Lights

Buy your Infinity Lights online from their website for the best deal. Not only do you get a lot of free bonuses, like a hanging cord and a color-changing light bulb, but you also get a 30 day money back guarantee.

These aren’t sold in stores at the moment and the website is the best deal anyway.

Final Recommendation

If you like to entertain, are crafty,  or your kids are into funky decor, get yourself some Infinity Lights. You’ll have a ball putting them together, particularly with the kids, and your guests will be super-impressed by the creative lighting in your home and yard.

Are you one of those people who love lamp shades and use them a lot to design your house interiors? If yes then you will be impressed with this innovative product called: Infinity Puzzle Lights. Puzzle Lights are lamp shades that can be self-assembled into lamp shades of various shapes, sizes and design patterns. They are made up of plastic quadrilateral pieces (also known as Puzzle Light pieces) that can be interlocked into each other, thus enabling you to create various shapes. You can even attach electrical cords to them and create some beautiful hanging lamp shades.

There are various companies that offer this unique and innovative product, but the Infinity Puzzle Lights are one of the best. Although the light pieces can be bought individually, Infinity Lights offers them as a single convenient kit containing 30 puzzle light pieces, a hanging electrical cord that can be used to hang these beautiful lights and a full instruction manual that explains how to make it work. The kit also contains a bonus of 20 color changing LED bulbs, which you can keep changing to give a different look to your rooms everyday. The puzzle light pieces offered by Infinity come in 9 lovely vibrant colors: Red, Orange, yellow, Dark Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, white and Rainbow. Infinity lights are committed to serve you with high-quality products and this is indeed one of them.

So, just go ahead and buy the Infinity Puzzle lights kit and give your house a different look each day. Since it is similar to creating puzzles, you can keep yourself engaged and at the same time be innovative in coming up with a new design every time. So get innovative and amaze your guests: use pieces of different colors, create various shapes of small or big sizes or even hang them on your walls.

It’s that time of the year again, where we would like to be creative and decorate our houses with beautiful lighting fixtures. It is the time again to liven up and spruce up our places with the help of Infinity Lights. In case this is your first time to make one, let me help you by giving you tips on how to make infinity lights.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a simple project and basically you can learn how to make Infinity Lights by just following the directions or looking at videos online.

In fact, these are so easy that even your child can start making one. Basically, the first step that you need to do is to pick up your preferred color online (i.e. Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, etc.). Once your order is processed, you can expect to receive your Infinity Lights kit in the mail.

The kit will include the following: Interlocking materials (30 pieces), cord, LED light with remote, and an instruction manual.

You will be given interlocking materials that you can easily assemble in different ways. It’s like setting up a puzzle; it is so easy and fast to do too.

You can easily assemble this in different colors and sizes (or make a combination). All you have to do is connect the pieces and you are good to go. Yes, it’s that easy that you can create 15 to 21 different shapes with just a single kit. However, if you order more kits, you can create different patterns or a single bigger pattern. You have endless possibilities with your kits. You can use your Infinity Lights for both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other lamps or lighting fixtures, these are easy to clean. They are weather and heat-resistant too.

You can start building your unique and fun-looking infinity lights now. Try it and start adding excitement to your home.

You love parties and entertaining people. You like to do all the decorations by yourself, but you are not a big fan of the usual decorations that cannot be used for anything else after the party. Don’t worry, you are not alone. And you might just have the right solution for your predicament: Infinity Lights Designs.

Infinity lights are pre-cut pieces made of polypropylene. They come in kits. A standard kit contains these pieces and instructions on how they can be assembled to form 15 various geometric shapes. After you make these shapes, all you have to do is insert a light bulb and voila! You have yourself a wonderful lamp that can be placed on a table or inside a shelf. It can also be attached to a floor lamp at the top or hanged on the ceiling. The customizable aspect of these lights gives you freedom to create new light designs and obtain a fresh look every time.

They come in a wide variety of colors in the kit. A rainbow kit with different shades is also available for people who need variety. Depending on the purpose, you can select the colors. If the decoration is for a wedding, white lights can be chosen. If it is for a school or a team, then you can choose the colors that represent the team. If the lights are to be used as a part of home decorations, then you can opt for colors that compliment the decor and augment the aesthetic appeal. An added bonus is that these lights are weather proof which means that you can hang them outside without fear of nature and its elements.

There are endless possibilities with the Infinity Lights Designs. All you have to do is to let your creativity run amok. Go ahead. Try it once. You will not regret your decision.